PhoneGap Application Development

PhoneGap Development

The smartphone population has been increasing rapidly. You can reach these smartphone users designing mobile application. However; these phones operate on variety of operating systems such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian etc. and application developed on one platform cannot be viewed or accessed on other platform. This limits the reach of application. But this barrier has been overcome with the emergence of PhoneGap platform. It is the open source framework based on Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. Now, it is easy to develop a single code web application that can be accessed on multiple platforms. PhoneGap development is different from other mobile application development as it interacts with mobile hardware devices. Our team of mobile application developers possesses excellent skills and knowledge of PhoneGap technology to provide simple, easy to use and efficient mobile apps for our clients.

What Differentiates Ventrux PhoneGap Services?

We have team of committed mobile technology experts to provide high end mobile apps for your business. Our services are featured with –

  • Customized PhoneGap website application development
  • Professionals with the best command and proficiency in Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery.
  • We provide end to end consultation and integration services to our clients.
  • We provide testing and porting of PhoneGap applications on different mobile application platforms.
  • Our committed and high quality Phone Gap application development services have resulted in the excellent record of satisfied clients.

So, if you are planning to develop mobile app for multiple mobile platforms, communicate with our experts to attain high quality PhoneGap application development services.

Why PhoneGap Is The Right Platform For Mobile Apps?

PhoneGap technology provides superb features to have flawless robust mobile applications compatible on various operating systems. Its features include –

  • PhoneGap facilitates use of existing technologies like Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5 to develop error-free mobile apps.
  • The single source code can be operated on multiple platforms while developers can work on their commanding and familiar platforms like HTML5, Javascript and CSS3.
  • It provides access to rich features helping to support version of apps on different platforms.
  • Get wide exposure developing mobile application just once as it can be implemented on all mobile platforms. Naturally, it saves, time, money and efforts of development.
  • PhoneGap mobile applications certainly boost your profitability as it widens the reach of your apps, provides user friendly quality apps for users.
  • It supports integration of different client APIs.

These benefits of PhoneGap led to the great demands for PhoneGap mobile application development.

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